Keyngdom’s legendary ship is setting sail. Collect the 6000 unique Keys & 6000 Pirates,  to unlock your destiny… and loot.
Only a handful of brave explorers can join us on this journey.

1%    Let’s get to know each other! Our primary goal is working to build a strong and stable community of brave explorers throughout our social media. Our most important asset is you. Building something cool that we all enjoy and earn at the same time is of the utmost importance to us. We hope you join us in this journey and have an amazing time!



20%   A Presale of 1000 Magical Keys for the members of our community will take place when the countdown ends. The price to Mint during the Presale period is set at 0.06 Ethereum. The public sale will take place precisely 1 week after the Presale ends. (3 Keys per wallet allowed during the Presale)



50%  Once 1000 Magical Keys are Minted, a second collection of Pirate themed NFTs will reset the countdown. When the countdown reaches 0,  a total of 6000 Pirates will be released. The Keys and Pirates can be merged together to create a Hidden Treasure NFT.



80%  We take to the seas! The Magical Keys collection is uploaded to opensea with a floor price of 0.09 Ethereum. The Pirate collection is revealed and available to Mint publicly at the same time. Community members that Minted Magical Keys during the Presale will enjoy a discounted Minting price for the Pirate collection at 0.06 Ethereum instead of the public price of 0.09 Ethereum.


90% The Beta! At this stage a Beta version of the game will be released to our community members for testing purposes and feedback. We would like to give you the chance to see it first before it rolls out to the public. We’ve made it this far together, it’s only fitting you will be at the front lines with us! The Beta phase will last approximately 2-3 weeks.



100% Things get extra spicy! Once both sales are completed, we release the game and our token. The Magical Keys, the Pirates and the Hidden Treasure NFTs can be used in game and be traded among players through an in-game marketplace. During the game you can claim our token in various ways, such as killing monsters, defeating bosses, exploring, finding treasure, PvP, etc. The token will allow users to earn while playing.



The NFT lore

The first quest begins in the Southern sea, 6000 Magical Keys were stolen from the land of the Pirates, and as it happens in every quest worth telling, the companions are of particular importance. Therefore, we are calling upon you to join us. We are building a strong army that will fight in the battlefields of Discord, Twitter etc.


The second part of our adventure begins when the tides of the shore of Presale washes away 1000 Magical Keys. Upon discovering them for 0.06  Ethereum (Minting), the quest leaders will disclose the secret location of the public vault that will be accessible to our fellow explorers. These will contain the enchanted coins of Ethereum, plus 80% of the second market royalties. (See perks*)


The third part brings us to opensea, the 5000 undiscovered Magical Keys are unleashed upon the world for the price of 0.09 enchanted coins of Ethereum. Now that all of the Magical Keys have been found,
all those that seek fame and fortune should rush and grab the opportunity.


Part four, the arrival of the Pirates.
Once upon a time, 6000 Magical Keys were lost from the land of the Pirates and were scattered across the world. They have returned for what was once theirs; their souls are bound to them, they seek them out. It is your duty, brave explorer, to help them reclaim their Keys. Collect the 6000 unique Pirate NFT any means necessary and discover the power & riches the Magical Keys hold in the presence of their creators. Unlock their true potential through merging the powers of the Keys & Pirates together, and a Hidden Treasure NFT awaits you.





Magical Keys are not just an NFT you own without any utility, nor are the Pirates. Each Pirate comes with a chest full of loot and booty. Merge them together, and according to the overall Key rarity, a unique Hidden Treasure NFT will be revealed.

Community Vaults

A community vault has been deployed since the first second of the Presale. We are holding the majority of income from this project to host events, airdrops, giveaways, fund the game & release of our token to ensure the longevity of the entire project.


Whitelisted Members of our community and also owners of a Magical Key, Pirate, or Hidden Treasure,  will be asked to participate in polls on Discord regarding the upcoming direction of the game project. Feedback from the community is very important to us.  We are also planning a charity event from secondary sales (Royalties). The recipient of which will be decided live, publicly based on voting from our brave explorers.

The Token

Now, we can’t divulge too much information about this, but here’s what we can tell you. A new token will hit the market at Q2 2022. This token will be directly linked to the project, both in game & NFT. Owners of our NFT will have access to a new platform that will grant them special privileges such as Staking & more. Stay tuned!

The Game

The release date of the game is directly dependent on the floor price of both collections during Q2 and the launch of our token. Our team has a background in video games development in Unreal Engine 4 environment.  Now like never before we can take advantage of the blockchain and build exciting things that were not possible before. We are working tirelessly on the release of the game based on the lore and characters of our current and future collections. An ETA for release is Q3 2022 with the community Beta taking place at Q1/Q2. We are planning on releasing Dev Logs very soon, as well as organizing development live streaming events. You will be able to attend those events and chat with the Devs in real time. More information regarding this project will be announced on Twitter, Discord, and official website at a later date.



In Depth

Who we are and what we do

The development team behind Keyngdom is composed with developers with a very rich background in Video Games and programming,  more specifically in Unreal Engine 4. We are utilizing the power UE4 brings combined with the blockchain to create exciting new things.

Keyngdom is an NFT, Video Game, and Token project that coexist in the same universe. Everything is connected and interchangeable . More specifically, Keyngdom offers 3 NFT collections.
1) Magical Keys, it’s a collection of 6000 NFTs of fantasy themed Keys of three different base grades, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Those grades represent the bases of the material used to create them. There are many layers that go on top of those to create unique Magical Key designs with various rarities and ranks.

2) Pirates is a synergistic collection of 6000 NFTs that is being created alongside the Magical Keys. Owning a Magical Key and a Pirate gives you the opportunity to merge them together to unlock a Hidden Treasure NFT, which is the third and final collection. Different combinations of Magical Keys and Pirates will yield different Hidden Treasure NFTs. There are countless combinations. The Pirate collection won’t be available to Mint straight away. They will be available for community Minting only after the Magical Key Presale ends and it is moved to a public forum, such as opensea.

3) Hidden Treasures is Keyngdom’s final NFT connection for this project. There are more than 100,000 Hidden Treasures being created as we speak, but only 6000 of them will ever see the light of day. Those NFTs will NOT be available to Mint, ever. The only way to obtain them is through merging Magical Keys and Pirates together or buyimg them from another person on opensea after they have merged the Magical Keys and Pirates. The reason we’ve decided to release them this way is because we want to add even more value to your current NFTs and to reward you even further for your support of our project. We believe that having a pool of more than 100,000 possible Hidden Treasures increases the excitement when merging our other two collections. Since there can only be only 6000 Hidden Treasures out of a massive possible selection, the end result will be completely RNG based. Rest assured, the Hidden Treasure collection will hold a very very high value regardless of which one you get since there’s a very limited supply and a very specific way of obtaining them.


The release of the token.
Alongside the NFT project, we are also working on a Token that will contain not only the regular functions of a token, but also an in-game currency for the upcoming game, which will be a Play to Earn (P2E) game. We cannot divulge the name of the token yet before it rolls out to the public. We can tell you that we plan on giving you the ability to time-stake your tokens through a new platform that is going to be released alongside of it. Also, you will be able to collect tokens spending time in game. The total token supply is still under discussion among our Dev team and we will disclose more information and updates as the project progresses.

Video Game.
A Play to Earn Co-Op video game has been in development for the past 17 months. We tried our best to keep footage of the project behind closed doors and avoid any public leaks before we have something we could be proud of. We are very close to an actual game reveal trailer. There are many Play to Earn games being released daily following the hype train. Although many of them look promising, most of them lack finesse and production quality, which we are striving to achieve. We do not want to release a half-assed game just because it’s the trend. Sure, earning while playing sounds good, but earning AND having fun while doing so it’s much better in our book.
The game is built using Unreal Engine 4, MoCap animations, and there are more than 30 independent developers contributing to both the artistic and coding look and feel of the game.

The Lore
The stage is set in the land of Exulimar, a fantasy world ruled the Saternelian Brotherhood. Magical Keys that absorbed elemental forces within them were created the Ancients of Exulimar, a long extinct race of magical beings. The holders of the Keys were granted immense powers and control of over the Ether, a substance found in all living things. As the Keys were being used more, Ether was absorbed from the world, and things eventually started to fade. The air became hard to breath, the plants weathered, and sickness fell upon the realm. The Saternelian Brotherhood broke their vow to protect the Magical Keys and used the power of the Keys to rule uncontested. An alliance of rebel Pirates were formed to try and stop the ones that abused the power of the keys and to try to restore balance to the realm. The Ancients of Exulimar sensed the corruption in the hearts of men, and before the last being drew his final breath, he created a Secret Forge at an unknown location. This forge is the only way to release the Ether the Keys have accumulated over the centuries back into the world. The Pirates are trying to collect the Keys and find their way into the secret forge to unleash the Ether, thus ensuring the survival of the realm and the end of the reign of the Saternelian Brotherhood.



What else is to come?
We feel really strongly about our community. We believe this is the cornerstone of every successful project, and we want to give back!
We have a vision about the direction of the project, but it cannot succeed if we are the only ones that see it. This is why your feedback is of the utmost important to us.
There will  be numerous polls on our social media regarding artistic and plot directions for the game, as well as the NFTs.
Community Token giveaway. Members of our Discord community at a certain rank and above will be given our Token upon release, complete FREE of charge. You do not have to have bought an NFT to get the Token, just be a valuable and contributing member of our community.
Charity events from secondary sales which the community will decide each months recipient in a Live Streamed event.
Various Giveaways and Airdrops
Access to Dev Logs and talks with the team in real time at DevNights, which we will be Live Streaming while working on the game project.


How can you get involved?
Easy, follow us on Twitter, Discord and TikTok. Like, comment, share!
There is some internal discussion regarding referral benefits and rewards. Stay tuned for more information.

If you are a Game Developer with knowledge of UE4, contact us about what you would like to be doing, and we will get back to you. No message will go unanswered.